Friday, June 09, 2006

One Is the Loneliest Number...

But not for me! My whole family will be gone tonight, the guys still gone to Boy Scout camp and Drama Queen spending the night with a friend. That leaves me all alone for the night. In. My. Own. Home.

It's nice to get away by yourself every now and then. I routinely escape by running errands just so I can get some time alone. When I can convince The Hubster not to accompany me, that is. He has this thing about togetherness. He doesn't understand that I've been together with 9 million children all day and just want some time where I don't have to deal with another human being in any way except to hand over the plastic to pay for my purchases.

Now that's all well and good, but the very best thing is getting to be all alone in my own home. At home I have the freedom of choice: clothes or jammies? TV or computer? reading in the hammock or in the living room? And the silence is golden. No trying to concentrate on what I'm reading while tuning-out Spongebob. Somehow his horrid little laugh always worms its way in and ruins the setting.

I treasure my time at home all alone. I'm scared to even post this because there is a possibility of my plans going awry. What if the guys decide to come home tonight instead of in the morning? What if my favorite aunts get into town tonight for my sister's wedding tomorrow and Mom invites me over? Can you imagine the angst in making that decision? Of course I would have to go see my aunts, but my nice, quiet home would be beckoning to me all throughout the evening.

So everybody keep your fingers crossed and think quiet thoughts.

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