Friday, June 30, 2006

More Happiness

I listed 6 things yesterday that make me happy. Those popped right into my head. You know what's terrible? I'm having to think a little harder to come up with 6 other ones to make the official Thursday Thirteen. Yes, I know it is now Friday, but I figured I better be able to come up with at least 13 things that make me happy. Good grief! Just call me Eeyore if I can't.

Here goes (drumroll, please):

#7: Staying up late. I am a night owl and LOVE to stay up late--preferably by myself. That's about the only time it is truly quiet around here.

#8: My sister. I prayed for years for a sister before she was born. We rarely go a day without talking to each other. I tend to be on the serious side, so I love that she makes me laugh so hard and so often like no one else can. It is so much fun being with her.

#9: Rivers/Streams. I could sit for hours by a running river, preferably one in the mountains. Water is very soothing to me.

#10: Mountains. I LOVE the mountains. Since I live in Oklahoma, my opportunities to see them are few and far between, limited to vacations. I know this will sound corny, but for lack of a better word, my heart swells when I see them. It's like I am so overcome by the beauty that my insides are about to burst out.

#11: Big Band music.

#12: Thunderstorms with lots of thunder and lightning.

#13: Hearing a baby laugh a belly laugh. How can you help but laugh along? It brings tears to my eyes most of the time because it is the most precious sound. My niece is at the perfect stage for this right now.

Oh, look! I'm not Eeyore. Of course, I'm not Tigger either. How about I be Pooh? My figure pretty much matches his anyway. *grin*

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