Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just Popping In

Hello, all! It's a good thing that we camped so close to home. My friend and I came back into town to get all the things we forgot. "MoOOoom, you brought the new shorts and they're too big. We don't have any pins to pin them with , either." Guess who that was. Go on, guess. I dare ya.

Since the same munchkin that whined the above sentence ended up with a tick last night and I have at least 3 chigger bites, I definitely had to come back for the bug spray. And what was I thinking going to the lake with no sunscreen? I'm the one that burns in 10 minutes. There's no way I could be out on the boat all day with no sunscreen. Not if I didn't want to end up in the hospital anyway.

I'm waiting for my friend to come back and pick me up and continue our adventure in the wilds. More when I return.

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