Friday, June 23, 2006

A Little of This, A Little of That

Warning: This post is dry and boring. Reading said post may cause drowsiness and the urge to take a nap. Until you know how this post will affect you, please do not drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after reading.

Today's going to be an interesting day. We are going camping this weekend (woo hoo!). We're going very close by because we have to drive back to teach Sunday School and then head back out to the lake when we're done.

That's all well and good. But here's the fun part (keep in mind that we are leaving tonight for our camping trip) . Karate Kid called me at 7:15 this morning from his friend's house where both of the kiddos spent the night last night. I was a little concerned when he called that early because he's been staying up late and then sleeping late.

KK: Mom? It's me.
Me: Why are you up at 7:15?
KK: Oh, we never went to sleep last night! We stayed up a-l-l night!
Me: (speechless for a moment because I can just imagine the kind of day we're going to have with him) Did your sister stay up all night too?
KK: No, she fell asleep after the movie.
Me: Good!
KK: Can we come down and jump on the trampoline to burn off some of our energy?

How do they do it? If I stayed up all night, there's no way I could even begin to think about jumping on the trampoline! He's going to looooove me when he finds out I'm going to make him sleep for awhile this afternoon.

In other news, Drama Queen's mysterious stomach aches have reappeared. They were an every day occurrence when school started, so I assumed they were stress/nerve-related. But it's the middle of summer. What's up with that? I don't know whether to take her to the doctor
or just wait it out. She's also going through a separation-anxiety thing again. I'm really surprised she ended up spending the night with her friend last night. She was acting scared and nervous, but she went down there to play while we ran to the store. By the time we got back, she must have calmed down because she ran home to get her stuff.

One more piece of boring trivia for you. Last night at the store I overheard a lady asking if they had the new shower sprayer/cleaner thingy. The employee had no clue and told her no, but I was behind the employee nodding my head yes and mouthing, "Yes, they do." As soon as the employee walked off, she came over and I told her where they were. End of story. Actually, not quite.

Stranger: Is your name Tammy?
Me: No. (for some reason I felt compelled to tell her my name). My name's Tonya
Stranger: (acting a little bit excited) What high school did you go to?
Me: (insert name of town here)
Stranger: Me too! What year did you graduate?
Me: '89.
Stranger: Me too! My name is highschoolfriendwhowillremainnameless.

OMG! I never, ever in a million years would have recognized her. We're both heavier than we were then, and she was blond in high school, dark-headed now. Apparently I still look a little bit like my old, skinnier self because she recognized me. There's hope in that, at least.

So guess what I dreamed about last night? High school graduation and my ex-boyfriend. What a surprise.

Now that you're sufficiently bored (this post bored even me), I'll let you go read your other more interesting blogs. Check back after the weekend. Maybe something fun will have happened on the camping trip that I can make a decent entry out of. I wonder if I could trick The Hubster into relieving himself on a clump of poison ivy? That would make for good blogging, huh?

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