Saturday, July 08, 2006

Two Thumbs Up

Run, don't walk, to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We saw it last night, and it was great.

Even though we already had tickets, we went to the theater early to get good seats. The line just for our auditorium was stretched all the way from the lobby to the end of the hall and out the door. They were also showing it in several other auditoriums at various times.

It was lots of fun because the employees were dressed up in pirate dress. Several of them came into the auditorium before it started and pumped up the crowd by getting us cheering and by throwing out "booty"--strings of fake pearl necklaces and green coins, a la St. Patrick's Day.

I was afraid that the people around us were going to get irritated with us during the movie because we were laughing so loudly. Either nobody else was laughing at the same things, or the 8 of us were making too much noise to hear anybody else. I highly suspect the latter because it was such a funny movie.

So there's my opinion of this flick. Definitely worth the money and much better seeing it on the big screen.

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