Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tooting My Own Horn--And Also a Friend's

I posted my previous post today and then went to check my email. I was totally surprised to see that Kailani had nominated me for the Blog of the Day Award yesterday. And I won! Woo hoo! I even got a cool little button to put over there on the sidebar and everything. She's a sneaky one, that Kailani. She asked for my permission to use one of my blog entries for The Carnival of Daily Life that she hosts over at her site, so I was totally surprised to see that she had nominated me for this award.

I had a couple of reasons for starting this blog. First of all, it's kind of like an online diary for me to remember what has happened in my life. I can type way faster than I can write, so it seemed like the perfect idea. Secondly, I wanted to make some new cyber friends. In "real life" I am shy at first, and I worry about what I'll say. The internet gives me the additional time to think about what I'm going to say before I just blurt it out there. It's a great way for me to visit with new people without the nerves and sweating. 'Cause who likes to meet and shake hands with someone who looks like they're going through detox tremors?

Right now I have two loyal readers: my sister and Kailani. I know I can count on them to leave a comment and let me know that someone has been by. There are other people who meander by periodically and leave comments. I lap up every one of those comments like a little kitten lapping up a bowl of cream. Keep 'em coming, will ya?

I am going to go bask in the glow of my award right now. You, dear reader, need to head over to see both of my faithful readers. They both have great blogs that are very entertaining. And if you stop by to see me or are a regular lurker, please let me know you've been by. That'll give me just one more reason to purr.

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