Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Big Hairy Deal

I never really stopped to think about it before, but my family is quite hairy. I must be turning into my mother because I could keep the hair removal industry in business all by myself. My dad is also one hairy beast. One time when Karate Kid was very young, he reached over and petted my dad's arm and said, "I like your fur, Papa." At least he doesn't have any on his back! And while I don't believe in evolution, my sister's hairy monkey-long arms makes one wonder at times.

I thought my children might have a chance when I married The Hubster. He's got a lot of Native American heritage (he was adopted, so we're not exactly sure how much or what tribe--we only found out a little bit of info), and Indians, apparently, don't do well at growing mustaches, beards and the like. He was only 23 when we got married, and the poor thing didn't finish going through puberty until 10 years later. He had a grand total of 3 chest hairs for most of our married life. Once he finished his own weird time of "growing up and filling out" (complete with cracking voice at really strange times), his chest had sprouted about 30 chest hairs--all on one side of his chest. I like to tease him that he's half Native American--right down the middle.

Did our offspring fare as well as their father? Well, Karate Kid remains to be seen. He's hit the voice-cracking, acne-prone, deoderant-wearing, hair growing in all the "right" places stage. If any of that hair eventually makes it to his chest or face? Only time will tell.

Drama Queen? Ah, she's our hairy little monster. The poor child is covered in it! She is begging me almost daily to shave her arms and legs. Every time she gets cold and the goosebumps break out, she runs to tell me that this would be the "perfect" time to shave since it's all standing straight up. If she only knew what shaving goosebumps was like...I don't condone trying to make children into adults, but I also understand what it's like to be uncomfortable in your own body. Since she isn't asking for a boob job (yet!), liposuction, a nose job or anything else so drastic, I'm sure she'll wear me down one day soon. But, hey! If I wait long enough, maybe I can convince her that all that body hair will help keep her warm this winter.

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