Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Homework Blues

Today’s post is in honor of Pass the Torch Tuesday.

A few days ago Karate Kid came home from school rather upset. It seems that the day before a classmate was passing out papers and failed to give one to K.K. and another boy. Due to a miscommunication, K.K. thought he had all of the papers. He went to school the next day and found out that he didn’t have that one. The teacher gave him and the other boy 5 minutes to do the paper, but she was only going to give them half-credit. That meant that he would start out with a 50, an “F.” Anything below a “B” is upsetting to Karate Kid, so he was devastated. We talked it over many times that night and even the next morning.

A couple of days later, the teacher returned their graded papers. Karate Kid’s was marked with a 97. He immediately spoke up and told the teacher that he was supposed to only get half credit on that paper. She told him, “Oh, don’t worry about it. But thank you for being honest about it!”

I was so very proud of him for telling the truth even though he thought his grade would drop from an “A” to an “F.” That teacher didn’t have to let him keep that grade, but I’m so glad she did. I’ve always tried to teach my children that being honest will get you in a lot less trouble than trying to lie or hide things. It was so nice that he was, in essence, rewarded for his honesty.

He makes me proud!

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