Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Memory of Jeffrey D. Bittner

Jeffrey Bittner was the sort of big brother that I always wanted. He was, in the words of his sister, “nurturing, protective, and wise.” Who wouldn’t want to have an older brother like that? I imagine him standing up for his sister when others were being mean to her. When they called her names, I’m sure he said, with much pride, “Don’t talk like that to her! She’s my sister!” I’m sure the siblings had a very special relationship because Jeffrey wasn’t just Pamela’s older brother; he was her twin brother, only older than his sister by one minute.

Jeffrey was the sort of person I would want for a friend. He has been described as being a brotherly person to everyone. He was kind, thoughtful and had a quiet way about him. He was the person who noticed those no one else even gave a second glance. He didn’t just notice them; he helped them and did things for them. He spent most of his life putting others before himself, often doing things for others without asking for thanks or recognition. Just a few weeks before September 11th, Jeffrey joined a mentoring program that allowed him to be a big brother to NYC schoolchildren.

Jeffrey was the sort of co-worker I would love to have. While he attended the Kingswood-Oxford School, he was awarded the Primus Medal for outstanding academic and community achievement. He was a political science major in college and then went on to work as a research analyst at Keefe, Bruyette and Woods in New York. He worked on the 89th Floor of Tower 2 at the World Trade Center. A co-worker said that Jeffrey “thrived on excellence in performance.” Although he had many opportunities to boast and brag about his accomplishments, that was not his way. Jeffrey was a very, very humble man. Even those he was only 27-years-old, he had the compassion and maturity that many people years older never achieve.

More than anything, Jeffrey D. Bittner was the sort of man that I hope my son will grow up to be.

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