Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Direct Line

*note Please don't leave me comments telling me that I shouldn't talk on the phone and drive. I rarely do it, and I already know that I shouldn't.

Yesterday on the way to Drama Queen's Girl Scout meeting, I had to call my friend and let her know I would be over to pick her up for a meeting. Drama Queen heard me talking but must not have been paying attention to the conversation. I hung up right before we got to the street leading out of our neighborhood. We usually have to sit for a minute or two until the traffic clears enough for us to turn out. This time, however, it was completely clear, which was perfect because we were already running late.

Drama Queen: Wow, that never happens! We always have to wait a long time before we can get out.
Me: That was God giving us a break.
Drama Queen: God talked to you on the phone!?!?

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