Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Fun

Remember my plan to slow down and enjoy Christmas? So far, so good. Monday night the weather was wonderfully warm, so The Hubster and I took a walk around the neighborhood to look at the lights that people have put up. I had to remind him several times to slow down. This morning I sat and looked at the Christmas tree lights while I mentally ran through what makes Christmas so special to me.

Last night was one of the fun things that we already had on our calendar. All of the 3rd grade classes at Drama Queen's school had a family night last night. We met to make family decorations and then have refreshments and watch The Polar Express. Since the guys had Boy Scouts, I had visions of the two of us working together and then watching the movie side-by-side. I should have known better when she started asking if a friend of hers could sit with us.

Since the table where her friends were already seated had already filled up quickly, there was a spot for DQ to sit but not me. No problem, I just sat at the table behind her and watched while she did the "family" decoration. It was fun watching her interact with friends that I usually don't see her around but hear about ALL the time.

We were told to bring blankets, bean bag chairs, pillows and any other cushy things we wanted to help make us comfortable on the cafeteria floor while we watched the movie. I wanted to bring my nice, comfortable lawn chair, but DQ was horrified at the thought. It didn't matter, though, because all of ours are in the camper which is now proudly residing at my sister's new house. Since DQ was parked on our blankets with all of her friends, I continued to sit on my teeny, tiny round circle of a seat at the cafeteria table--for two hours.

As soon as the movie started, I noticed that the boy in front of DQ's group had his back completely turned to the screen and was watching the girls. Pretty soon the boy next to him did the same. I got so tickled watching the two of them flirt with the girls for the next 45 minutes. Once the movie got to the good part, they finally turned around and watched--until near the end, when boredom overtook them again. They entertained themselves flipping decorations back and forth to each other and then realized it was more fun to thrown them at the girls.

Now, I said I got tickled watching them. In reality I was enjoying it until I started getting glimpses of the future, when they are all old enough to date. I immediately started watching the boys more closely and found myself thinking, "No, she's not going out with that one. He looks like he'll be into partying too much." or "He's so cute, but I bet he'll be one of those boys who only has one thing in mind" (and, seriously, what boy doesn't have that on his mind?). Then I felt just a little sick to my stomach.

So even though I didn't have the great bonding experience I envisioned, I had a fun evening anyway. Well, minus the look into the future, that is.

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