Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday

What a difference a year makes. My friend and I have a tradition of going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Last year was the first year that we actually got up early and hit the stores by 6:00. That was such a hard thing to do, stay up late and then get up so early. This year was different because we get up early every week day to meet at 5:45 to walk. I didn't have a problem getting up (or staying awake) this year.

I was thrilled to actually have some money this year. Last year I was so broke that I couldn't buy anything. I think I spent maybe $15.00 total last year. I was also excited to find so many things this year that were on the kids' lists with a minimum of fuss.

My siblings and I don't buy presents for each other any more because of the cost, but I found something for my sister that I just couldn't pass up. I'm not going to say what it is on here in case she reads this before I get it to her. I also don't want the hubster to know that I bought something because I don't want to listen to the lecture.

It was also a day filled with nastiness--and not the rude behavior of other shoppers either. Except for an old man farting (loudly) as he walked right behind us. That was kind of rude. And somebody's vomit right outside the driver's side door of our vehicle. Thank goodness I wasn't driving today, so I actually got to miss that little present. But the worst was the smell in the middle of the mall. It smelled like somebody took a dump right in the middle of the walkway. No matter where we went in the whole building, we couldn't get away from it. Our time there was quite brief.

Now I may be heading over to spend the night with my sis to help out with Baby C. while her hubby is gone. I can't wait!

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