Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The One Where the Nurse Ticks Me Off

I have been fighting a cold for a few weeks and can't seem to get rid of it. The horrible sinus headaches plus not being able to breathe, smell or taste anything finally drove me to call the doctor. I had an appointment this afternoon.

My doctor is a woman with a male nurse. A jerk of a male nurse. I was in a few weeks ago, and he made me feel about 2 inches tall. He didn't disappoint me today either.

So here I am, sitting on the paper-covered table, struggling to breathe and talk at the same time. Unfortunately the following conversation just won't be the same without the you-are-so-stupid tone of voice and attitude:

Nurse Jerk: You sound terrible.
Me: I feel terrible.
Nurse Jerk: No, really. You sound terrible. Why did you wait so long to come in?
Me: I thought it would get better on it's own.
Nurse Jerk: Have you been around anybody that's been sick?
Me: All of the kids that I watch have runny noses and a cough.
Nurse Jerk: So what does that tell you?
Me: (thinking) That you're a jerk! (speaking) Uh...that I got it from them?
The stupid conversation continued--and deteriorated--from there.

Who flippin' cares what that tells me! I'm sick and I finally relented enough to go the dang doctor. Don't hassle me, buddy. I'm armed with the "worst sinus infection I've seen in weeks" (per the doctor). Watch it or I'll cough right in your smug little face.

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