Monday, December 19, 2005

What Else Can Happen?

Here's what I've accomplished so far today:

See the brown bandage on my ring finger? That's from my husband's razor blade that he so sweetly threw in the trash. The trash that was so crammed into the trashcan that it was stuck, and I reached my hand in to pull it out.

And the cute little Sesame Street Band-Aid? On my way out of the bathroom, I reached behind me to shut the door. Except my finger wasn't out of the way yet. And I think the little girl on the other side of the door helped me close it. I yelled so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors could hear it. It's a good thing I said "Shoot" instead of what I really wanted to say! Then I realized that it was bleeding on the underside. Hence, the "cool" band-aid.

This is besides tripping over the ottoman while trying to sit down to rock one of the little ones, just barely catching myself before we both fell. And I ran out of Advil, so I've been taking aspirin to help with the sinus pain I've been suffering from. Now I'm dealing with a stomach ache from too much aspirin. Gah.

Can you believe people actually pay me to watch their children?!

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