Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monkey Girl

What makes some kids climb while others are content to just remain anchored to the ground, happily playing with their toys? I watch a little girl who will end up being the death of me from worrying about her so much. Here are some of her more famous escapades:

* All of the kiddos were eating a snack, so I headed to the restroom. As I walked around the corner, coming back into the living room, I saw her standing up in the high chair, facing backwards. Drama Queen looked up about that time, gasped and yelled, "Mom!" That scared the little one, who jumped and then fell out of the high chair, landing smack on the back of her head on the floor. Just so you know, she was buckled in.

An ER visit and one CAT scan later, she was pronounced perfectly fine and sent home.

* To keep her from falling out of the high chair, I moved her to the Fisher Price table where the others sat for lunch. She spent the whole lunch time standing up and climbing to the top of the table.

* I was in the playroom changing a diaper, and Monkey Girl was in there with me. By the time I finished (How long does it take to change a diaper? 30 seconds?) and walked into the living room, she was perched on the tip top of my piano! The piano bench had been scooted too close to the glider rocker, which made a wonderful way for her to shimmy on up.

* While cooking lunch earlier this week, I turned around from the stove and found her perched on the top of the living room chair, holding onto a dining room chair for balance.

This child will climb anything and everything! But for the longest time, when I would take her outside where she had free reign to climb anything her little heart desired, she acted like she had no idea how to climb. She spent the entire time riding in the Cozy Coup and then immediately resumed climbing the walls as soon as we came inside.

One of us is going to need a room with padded walls by the time she gets out of this stage!

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