Friday, December 02, 2005

There's a Name For It

You know how some people are scared of spiders or snakes or being in crowds? Not just your run-of-the-mill not liking them. I'm talking about the hyperventilating, running away screaming, hysterical fear. Yeah. My daughter is like that about throwing up. I have never seen anyone get so worked up about getting sick. And guess what. There's an actual name for it, this phobia. Emetophobia. Look it up.

When we got home from gymnastics, we fixed some hot chocolate because we were so cold. We snuggled up in bed to read and Drama Queen ate a snack. About 5 minutes after she finished she said, "I drank too much." About 30 seconds after that there was absolute terror on her face. And does the child run to the bathroom or any acceptable container when she thinks she's going to hurl? No! She freezes, rooted to the spot. I, other the other hand, kick into Supermom Speed. We were at the toilet in 1.2 seconds. It turned out to be a false alarm, thank goodness.

Here's the funny/bizarre part. She is totally convinced that if she gets the tiny teddy bear that she bought on our vacation to Colorado and rubs it in circles on her stomach, it will keep her from throwing up. Hey, whatever it takes. At least the boys are still gone hunting for another couple of days. I don't think I could have handled the noise and the drama!

Last night was my turn to drive her and her friend to gymnastics. We always leave early because it's a 30 minute drive. We got caught in the traffice from a huge wreck on the highway. You have to know that there is nothing on this stretch of highway except for a few road signs in the median. I didn't know what happened, but we were at a dead stop for quite awhile. I couldn't even count the number of police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. We were forced to turn right as we got to the wreck and take a back road. As we were turning, I glanced over and saw a body laying on the ground, covered by a sheet. I immediately told the girls not to look. I'm so glad that both of them are obedient (for the most part) because they both did exactly what I said.

We finally got back on the highway...and saw another wreck two miles up the road. I had no idea what was happening because there's just not much traffic or obstacles to cause problems on that stretch of road. At least this one was minor.

I usually don't watch the 10:00 news, but I turned it on to see if it said anything about the big wreck. It was the lead story. Some poor, poor couple had mechanical problems. Other cars stopped and helped them push their vehicle off the road. As they were crossing back across the highway, the woman was hit by a car. Can you imagine watching your wife be struck and killed? Or the woman you had just helped? And what about the poor person who hit her! He/she will be tormented by that memory for the rest of his/her life.

Stories like that make me want to gather my family around me and just love on them as much as I can.

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