Saturday, December 03, 2005

Those Theaters Mean It

Drama Queen hates going to the show (movie theater for those of you from not around here). We finally figured out it's because she is afraid she'll have to sit by someone she doesn't know. Once we convinced her that she could sit in the middle, she seemed fine with it, although we haven't been back to the show since then.

She finally announced the other day that there was a movie she wanted to see. Since the guys won't be back from hunting until later today and I have two free movie tickets, I figured this would be a great time to go.

When I brought it up with her, she seemed excited about the idea. She asked if we could get popcorn and "those sour candy things" and pop. I said that maybe we could get the candy at the store and then buy the popcorn and drink there. She immediately shot back, "They won't let you do that." Of course I played dumb and agreed with her. She then came over to tell me about when my mom and dad took them to see a movie a few weeks ago. I have to quote her directly from here because it's so funny:

"Granny put candy in her purse and nothing happened. No sirens went off or anything!"

I have never tried so hard not to laugh in my life!

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