Monday, December 05, 2005

100 Things About Me (Part 1)

1. I am a voracious reader.
2. I hate romance novels.
3. I love taking naps.
4. I am a night owl (hence the naps since I still have to get up early).
5. I am a reality TV freak.
6. I am a TV junkie, period.
7. I often have shows taping on two or three different VCR's at once (still waiting for The Hubster to agree to TiVo).
8. I like country music.
9. I also like to listen to classical music, but only at home.
10. I knew on my first date with The Hubster that I wanted to marry him.
11. We got engaged on my 21st birthday.
12. We've been married for 13 years.
13. I love candy.
14. I only eat chocolate during PMS.
15. I'm the techno-geek in our family.
16. I am scared to death that my children will get lice.
17. My eyesight is terrible. I have worn glasses or contacts since 3rd or 4th grade.
18. I am terrified of mice.
19. A pregnant mouse got in our house when construction work started in the field behind our house.
20. When my husband was gone on a trip, I called my neighbor at 5:45 a.m. (before he left for work) to come get a mouse that had been caught in a trap.
21. I called him again 2 days later.
22. I am also frightened of spiders.
23. I recently called my brother-in-law to come over on his lunch hour to kill a spider I had trapped in the kitchen. My friend's husband ended up coming over before my bil got there. The spider had been trapped under a bowl for 2 hours by the time he got there.
24. I pulled a muscle in my leg jumping onto the counter to get away from that spider.
25. I was a "brain" in school.
26. I have lived in 2 towns in Texas, 1 in Colorado, and 5 in Oklahoma.
27. I am shy.
28. I love the mountains.
29. I like to swim in pools more than the ocean or the lake. I like to see through the water and know that nothing but other people is swimming with me.
30. I was more upset over turning 22 than 30.
31. I broke my leg when I was two-months-old (No, I was not abused! The babysitter left the infant seat on the sofa, and it fell off.)
32. I have a court reporting degree. I used it for 6 weeks.
33. I love to work in the law field.
34. I worked for a dentist for 11 months. I hated that job. Actually, I hated the dentist and his family.
35. I could handle any dental procedure except fluoride treatments. Blood, no problem. Spit strung from the patient's mouth to the sink, another matter entirely.
36. I wanted to be a wife and mother for as long as I could remember.
37. I wanted to be a teacher until I was a senior in high school.
38. I used to be a very picky eater.
39. Bad manners are a huge pet peeve of mine!
40. I dream every night. Wild and vivid dreams that I almost always remember.
41. I have been plagued my guilt almost every day from my 20's on.
42. I haven't done anything huge to feel guilty about. Most of it stems from being a mom.
43. I can't have caffeine.
44. I miss caffeinated coffee!
45. I wanted to take gymnastics when I was a child, but my parents couldn't afford it at the time.
46. I hate the summer heat! It makes me grouchy.
47. I love camping.
48. I love traditions.
49. I like to crochet, but I can't do it very much anymore because it bothers my wrist.

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