Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Airhead Momma

Breakfast this morning was an experience. Both kids asked for something for breakfast that we didn't have. Then Drama Queen asked for a bowl of cereal. Not a problem. Until she took the first bite and declared it "old." Could it be because they continually put the boxes back in the pantry without closing them? Anyway. We dumped that bowl of cereal and poured a new bowl of a different kind.

At this point Drama Queen is waiting for two things: milk on her cereal and hot chocolate to drink because she is cold. Still not a problem. I'm not a morning person, but at this point I've already been up for 2 hours, so I'm doot-dooting a Christmas song while I'm working. Quite the happy little momma. But apparently is still takes a while for my brain to wake up even though I've been up for hours. I took the hot water out of the microwave and poured it right into the bowl of cereal waiting patiently to be filled with milk. Drama Queen did not want "burned cereal" so that's now two bowls of cereal dumped down the sink. I tell ya, we could feed a whole tribe of people with the food we wasted this morning.

Now I'm kicking into TV mode. I'm going to rant about the winner of Survivor for a minute. There is no way that Danni deserved to win. That part about not flying under the radar but being like a Stealth Bomber? Pulleaze. The only way she won immunity was because she basically bought it. Now why the others voted Lydia out and not her is beyond me. But I'm sick and tired of hearing Danni say that everyone underestimated her and no one saw her coming. Of course they didn't see her coming. It's hard time see someone riding on your coattails.

But tonight is the finale of The Amazing Race. I hope that the family of three brothers and one sister win. The Florida team really gets on my nerves, and I can't stand the way the three girls treat their dad. So, go Linz family!

**Edited to Add**

Woo hoo! The Linz family pulled it out!

Now it will take me a good 45 minutes to an hour to calm down before I can go to sleep. I told you I was a reality TV junkie!

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