Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I'm Sad

I'm sure everybody else is blogging about the miners too, but I just had to put my feelings down somewhere. I didn't even hear about the accident until yesterday sometime. It bothered me, but I was so busy doing other things that I put it out of my mind rather quickly. Then The Hubster, who has never watched CNN in the 13 years we've been married, was glued to it last night. I watched bits and pieces of it as I passed in and out of the room. But then he turned it on in the bedroom while I was in bed reading. I couldn't even concentrate on my book, so I ended up watching with him. We heard that they had found 12 alive and that one had died. I was so relieved for the 12, but I knew one family had lost somewhere very dear to them. I was struggling with sadness already at that point.

The last report we got was that they were going to bring the men to the church to see their relatives "in an hour." Since it was already 11:30, we decided to turn it off and watch the video of it this morning.

I just could not believe what had happened over night. Can you image the emotions those poor families have gone through? Scared, hopeful, losing that hope when one was found dead, jubilation when told their loved ones were alive...and then, crash!

And the one who made it out alive? I haven't had the TV on since this morning, but the last I heard he had no carbon monoxide in his system. How is he going to feel when he hears that he's the only one who made it? I know he will treat life with much more respect, making the most of every moment. How great that he will get to see his children grow! But is he going to battle with guilt? "Why me and not them?" "Could I have done something else to help them?" "What if..."

My heart is breaking for all of them.

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