Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What Would You Do?

On Christmas Eve night, we were at the gas station and The Hubster was chuckling when he got back from paying. He was telling me about a lady in front of him who bought $2.13 worth of gas. After she left the store, the clerk was making light of it, saying that she was really going to get far on that little amount.

The Hubster got back out of the car to do something, and that same woman came up to him and asked him if he had $2.00 so she could get a little more gas and make it into *the bigger town we live near.* He told her no because he had paid with his credit card.

I immediately felt sorry for her and wanted to give her the dollar that I had. The Hubster said, "No way! She's probably panhandling."

I felt really sorry for her and wished we had come up with some money for her. I told The Hubster that if we had thought about it, we could have used our card and helped her get a little more gas to make it into town. He looked at me like I suddenly had something growing out of the top of my head.

Our end to the conversation was:

The Hubster: How do you know when someone is really, truly in need or when they're just trying to pull one over on you?
Me: How do you know God didn't put her in our path just to see what we would do?
The Hubster: I think He would have made it a little more clear, don't you?

So what about you? What would you have done--helped her or turned her away? Please leave a comment even if you usually don't. I'm interested to see how others feel about this.

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