Thursday, December 22, 2005

Holiday Memories

I stole this idea from blestwithsons. I am posting 5 ornaments that are on our tree that hold special memories for me.

This was an ornament that Drama Queen brought home from preschool. It's had to tell, but her hand was dipped in white paint and then pressed onto the ball to make the snowmen. There's a cute little poem that goes along with it too.

This is an ornament that Karate Kid made with me about 5 years ago. They were cinnamon ornaments, and they smelled wonderful. I have good memories of spending time making these with him.

How could you not fall in love with Drama Queen's sunburned little cheeks and gorgeous dark eyes? She has since grown out of the baby fat, but I just love those cubby little cheeks!

For years before I was married, I begged my parents to let us have an all white Christmas tree. I lost every year. The first year we were married, I made all of the ornaments for our tree. This was one of them. There were a few touches of pink on the tree, but the majority of it was white.

Although this isn't a favorite ornament, per se, it does bring a chuckle every year when we pull it out. About 4 years ago, my mother-in-law made a gingerbread man and woman for the kids to hang on the tree. The kids were much smaller then, so every ornament was on the bottom of the tree. Drama Queen must have been too little to put this one up herself because I had hung it up high. Karate Kid's gingerbread man didn't make it through the day. We turned our backs, and the dog ate it right off the tree!

I would love to see what your favorite ornaments are and hear the story behind them. Please leave a comment about your favorite ones. Even better, leave a link to your site so I can see the pictures.

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