Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Child's Belief

Last night I had an interesting conversation with Drama Queen. If you have seen or read The Polar Express, you'll understand what she's talking about. According to the movie, you can't hear the bells on the reindeer or the sleigh unless you believe in Santa Clause.

Last night, out of the blue, she said, "Do you think Santa would really give us one of the reindeer's bells?" That was quickly followed by, "Would you hear it if he gave you one?" I told her that of course I would. She said, "Oh, yeah. Because you believe."

The conversation about receiving a bell continued. She would like a bell, but she doesn't want to ask him for one because she doesn't want to explain to everyone what it is (Santa always stops at my in-laws' house on Christmas Eve as long as he has enough time. So far, he's always been able to make the time.).

Here's the part that was interesting to me:

Me: What reindeer would you like it to be from?
DQ: Are there any girl deer?
Me: No, just boys.
DQ: Oh. (singing under her breath) You know Dasher and Dancer...Dancer. I would like a bell from Dancer.
Me: I'm sure he could get you one if you asked.
DQ: But first I would want him to rub it on Dancer so I could smell it. I've always wanted to smell a reindeer.

What can you say after that statement?

I'm thinking Santa will be leaving her a reindeer bell in her stocking at home so she doesn't have to answer all of the questions from the relatives. And I'm sure that it will smell like a reindeer, courtesy of our deer hunting friend who hopefully has deer scent.

Can humans smell it too, I wonder?

*Edited to Add* I didn't know deer scent was deer urine. Yuck! I don't think Santa will be putting that on Dancer's bell after all!

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