Friday, December 23, 2005


This morning was the Christmas party with all of the kiddos that I watch. Good grief! Have you ever tried opening presents with 8 kids? Here are some snippets of conversation:

From the kids (pretty much all talking at the same time):

* Can you open this box for me?
* No! That's mine!
* Where's my lightsaber?
* Why did she bring presents for them and not for us?
* (louder now) Can you open this for me?
* What did he get?
* (much louder now) Open this for me!

From me:

* No, no. Take that out of your mouth.
* Would you please get the wrapping paper out of the baby's mouth?
* Yes, I will open your box. Give me just a second.
* No, that's his present.
* Accckkk! Get that out of your mouth!
* Why do they wire these toys to the box with 1001 wires?
* Honey, don't eat that.
* I see that. Can I have it, please, before you put it in your mouth?
* Yes! I will open your box.
* It's here somewhere. Look under the wrapping paper.
* Yes. I. Will. Open. Your. Box.

Add to this scenario sugar cookies with frosting (provided by one of the parents) and a project spread out on the table that included wrapping paper and contact paper. Then slowly pan around the rest of the kitchen. Didn't I just have this place cleaned up? Why does it look like the housewares aisle threw up all over the counters?!

Thank God it's naptime now!

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