Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Pics

I'm already regretting this one. In case you can't see the words, it's an Airzooka. Instead of bullets, it shoots a puff of air. Puff meaning mild hurricane-force winds. I have to close my eyes if he points it at me because I'm afraid I'll lose a contact. The poor dog was so scared she was shaking and hiding. She couldn't figure out what was getting her since nobody was by her.

Dancer's bells were a huge hit with Drama Queen! I was going to post the note that Santa left in her stocking, but she said it was special and didn't want me to post it. She got scared when she saw the note because she thought Santa was going to tell her she was naughty. I thought she was going to cry halfway through reading the note. She loves all of her presents, but she has carried those bells everywhere, talking about them constantly (and smelling them!).

Apparently The Hubster has been complaining too much. Santa brought him Romance in a Can.

Drama Queen has been dying for some Build-a-Bear gift cards. She ended up with 5(!) of them this year. It'll be nice to take here there without constantly saying, "You don't have enough money for both of those. Make a decision." (She's also into smiling without showing her teeth, so we have lots of fake smile pictures of her this year.)

Star Wars is everything to Karate Kid. 95% of his presents were Star Wars something or other.

The Christmas aftermath is driving me crazy. I'm going to do some cleaning now.

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