Sunday, December 25, 2005

Same Song, Second Verse

I'm starting to think it's not the decongestant but the new antibiotic. I finally fell asleep at 3:00 yesterday morning, overslept, and flew out of bed at 6:26 to make it to Christmas at my parents'. Today I made sure to take the meds earlier so I could avoid that problem. Apparently taking it 6 hours earlier doesn't eliminate the side effects.

I did manage to doze off to sleep pretty soon after I went to bed tonight...until The Hubster woke me up to tell me the dog had thrown up in the bed. Yes, we're those people, the ones who let their dogs sleep in the bed with them. If I had my way, they would sleep anywhere else but in my bed. Ever notice that "dog" and "hog" rhyme? It's because they manage to move in exactly where I would like my legs to be...or my arms, head, or back. No matter where I want to be, they beat me to it.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for the meds to wear off some so I can go back to bed. I may be sitting, but I am far from still. I hope I'm burning lots of calories with all of this fidgeting! It's like a sudden attack of Restless Leg Syndrome.

Wonderful. The dog just threw up again and we are now out of clean sheets. It's going to be such a restful night. Tomorrow doesn't hold out much hope either. We finally finished making the rounds of Christmas parties with our families, so what does The Hubster do? Invites us to his sister's house for Christmas lunch. Did you catch the inviting ourselves part? Yeah.

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