Tuesday, January 03, 2006


My dentist had a cancellation and was able to get me in this afternoon. Thank goodness! There is NO way I could have waited until the 12th. I have been in so much pain this weekend.

Turns out I have an abscessed tooth. Fun and games. At least he now has another dentist who does the root canals there in the office so I don't have to go into "Big Town" to have it done. My normal dentist is a very calm, gentle, mild-mannered 50-ish man. I was completely unprepared for the new dentist. I turned to look at him and almost gasped out loud. He looks like he is 12! But, hey! As long as he can make the pain stop, I don't care!

And my sister is an angel!!! She came and stayed with all of the kiddos so I could go. I don't know what I would have done if she couldn't have come. My appointment was right during pick-up time at the schools, so everyone I know would have been gone to get their own children.

Now, I am sitting here in peaceful bliss. The Hubster is at a Cub Scout leader's meeting, and Drama Queen and Karate Kid are at DQ's Girl Scout meeting (KK plays with his friend while the girls meet). I'm going to watch a little TV and read before the troops all come home.

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