Friday, April 21, 2006

Stressed Out

Yeah, I've got a little stress right now. We're going to the bank later this afternoon to sign loan papers for the new camper we bought. In order to do that, I had to once again ask my mother and sister to come wrangle the little ones that will still be here at that time. We have to run right back home after we sign the papers because I am an idiot. I allowed Drama Queen to invite 11(!) other wiggly, giggle, screaming girls for a birthday sleepover (Yes, my baby turns 9 tomorrow). Not only that, Karate Kid is having one of the girl's brothers over to keep him occupied and out of the girls' hair. Fat chance of that happening.

Once the girls go home tomorrow, I will have 3 hours to run get Drama Queen signed up for cheerleading, straighten up the house (what little I'm going to do), and host her family party. I decided to just go all out and get all of the partying over in one fell swoop.

And what am I dreading the most? Making more payments to the bank? Twelve shrieking little girls? The sleep deprivation of a sleepover? No. My mil, the Queen of Clean, is coming over for the family party. My heart rate and blood pressure are already up. Countdown in T minus 21 hours.

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