Sunday, April 02, 2006

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Who needs a baby in the house to interrupt sleep? Not me. My night was full of interruptions, thank you very much.

We went for a cookout with my sister and some of their friends last night. We were all exhausted when we got home, so we all headed to bed at the same time. Drama Queen started hollering for someone to come turn on her fan because she was too scared to get out of bed. I had just put some Neosporin and lotion on my feet. No matter how many times I told her I wasn't walking on the carpet, she kept telling me she was going to call us until someone turned it on. The Hubster was already almost asleep by this time, so he wasn't willing to get up either. Ten minutes of arguing later, I finally heard the chain on the fan being pulled, so it was off to dream land.

A little while later Karate Kid woke me up and asked to sleep in our floor because he was scared. I knew he would be coming in at some point because a storm was headed our way. He is deathly afraid of storms. He has spent many, many evenings pacing the living room while waiting out a storm. I remember being scared like that when I was little, crying for hours, but my parents never let me sleep in their room. I told myself I would never do that to my children. It's just a given now. Storm? Nightime visitors in the master suite.

I was good and asleep when the phone rang. It was 11:20 old time/12:20 new time. Nobody ever calls that late at night unless there's something wrong, so my heart was pounding and I was shaking all over, fearing the worst. It was Karate Kid's friend. I have no idea what he wanted that late at night. I know that's probably not late to those of you with teenagers, but my children go to bed at 9:00. It was w-a-y past bedtime.

I crawled back in bed, still shaking and trying to get my heart to beat in normal time again, and then I realized that the storm had hit. The wind was gusting to 60 and 70 mph, so it did sound a little worrisome. I had just settled back in when I heard a little voice asking me to turn on the TV and see what was going on. A few minutes of reassurance from the weatherman and it was off to try to get some uninterrupted sleep.

No such luck. Drama Queen woke me up at 2:30 with a stomach ache. She wanted to watch TV because she couldn't get back to sleep, but I didn't want her to be awake for hours. I remembered that there was a sleep function on her TV, so I fumbled around in the dark until I found it and figured out how to set it. At this point I would have let her get up and cook a full meal if I could just get. some. sleep.

Amazingly, I was then able to enjoy 5 hours of deep, dreamy sleep. And this, my friends, reminds me once again of why I am finished having babies! At least last night was an unusual night. Getting up once or twice a night every night? I don't think so.

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