Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

On the way home from Brownies last night, Drama Queen informed me that they are making a Girl Scout cookbook and that we needed to bring 2 or 3 favorite recipes to the next meeting. I asked Drama Queen what recipes she wanted to take, but she was having a hard time coming up with one. She finally said, "What's the recipe for Hamburger Helper?" I explained that it came in a box and wasn't really a recipe. She thought a few more minutes but still wasn't coming up with anything. I finally asked if she wanted to take my homemade pizza recipe. She was convinced that it came out of a box too, so we argued back and forth about homemade vs. boxed. She finally said in a very exasperated voice, "Mom, there aren't any recipes I can take! You only make things out of a box. You hate to cook, so you only cook boxed stuff!"

She's right.

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