Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quiet in Bloggerland

For all one of you that reads this right now, my exile is almost over. My last order is due Monday. Hopefully I'll get back to a more normal blogging schedule...if I ever think of something to write about.

Here's a study in what is wrong with humanity...or me specifically. Some kind of sickness is running through the troops around here. I would never, ever wish that one of them would be sick, but is it wrong that I am so thrilled that I get a break of sorts? Every day this week I have had some kiddos gone. By naptime on Monday I only had two still here, the easiest two to care for. Both of them left early, so I was done with my day by 3:45. Yesterday I sent another one home sick, so that was another unexpected little break. Today I only have 3 of the usual 5. Of course Her Royal Grouchiness (11mo with an ear infection. Fun!) is making up for the other two being gone.

So am I accomplishing anything with this little break? Absolutely not. I've just been puttering around in low gear. The way I look at it, I'm storing up energy for when they all come back. Yeah, we'll just say that's what I'm doing.

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