Monday, May 08, 2006

She's Going to be a Great Mother

Last night, we were having problems getting Drama Queen to stay in bed. She didn't get to bring the puppy in her room because she hadn't cleaned it (her room, not the puppy--although I would be thrilled if she would clean both). She finally settled for taking our oldest dog into her room. That worked for a little while, but then she called Daddy into her room. As he was finding and putting in the requested CD for her listening pleasure, I overheard this conversation:

DQ: Daddy, Sudie wants you to lay down with her.
The Hubster: No, I'm not going to lay down. I'm going back in the other room.
DQ: But, Daddy! What if this was the last night she was ever alive? You would feel bad if she died and you missed your last chance to lay down with her.

Yep, she's well on her way to motherhood guilt trips.

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