Friday, September 15, 2006

Branson, Here I Come--Again

I am so excited about this weekend, I am giddy! I have two best friends--my sister and Lisa. Lisa's birthday is today and mine is tomorrow. To celebrate, the three of us and two of Lisa's sisters are all going to Branson for a Girls Weekend. Being the gluttons for punishment that we are, we're leaving at 5:30 tomorrow morning! Actually, we want to get to Silver Dollar City by the time it opens. We'll be spending the day there and then out for dinner tomorrow night. I'm sure we'll stay up way too late talking and laughing and doing what girls do on a Girls Weekend. At least I hope we do!

Saturday morning we'll split up for a while. Lisa's sisters are going shopping and Meg, Lisa and I are going to the Titanic exhibit. I wanted to go so badly on vacation,but it cost way more than we wanted to spend for a family of four. Paying just for me is a much cheaper way to go.

But guess what else. I'll eventually have the house all to myself tonight! The guys are leaving for a Boy Scout camping trip. Drama Queen has a birthday party to go to and then I'm taking her to my parents'. Then it'll be back home to peace, quiet and doing anything I want to do. What I should do is go to bed early since I'm getting up early in the morning. Any guesses on what time I"ll actually turn out the light?

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