Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Grace in Action

Have you ever heard of Turf Toe? Me neither. When I hear that term I think of wet shower tiles in the locker room. Makes me think of jock itch and athlete's foot, neither of which I've had the pleasure of contracting. Apparently athletes get turf toe when they catch their foot on the astroturf. An athlete I am not, but I have turf toe. From my kitchen linoleum.

Yesterday morning one of the kiddos left a beaded necklace on the kitchen floor. As I turned around, I stepped on it and slid across the floor. I managed to catch myself with my other foot and kept from completely falling down. And then the pain. I have a hard time getting to the doctor during the day, so I headed to Urgent Care last night.

I began to feel very silly as I sat in the waiting room. The lady a couple of seats in front of me was moaning and about to hyperventilate as she doubled over. I would have thought she was in labor had she been bigger. Me thinks she should have gone to the ER instead of Urgent Care. A young girl who was in there sounded like she was coughing up the very bottom of her lungs. I was starting to be afraid to breathe. I found out later that she was having an asthma attack (bad for her, better for my health). The girl (an aquaintance) next to me seemed fine, but as I sat in the exam room waiting for the doc, I heard the nurses yelling at each other down the hallway that she had lice. Oh, my freakin' gosh! If you've read my blog for very long, you know that is one of my worst fears.

So here I am with the oh-so-fashionable walking boot/shoe type thing for the next 7-10 days. It's a lovely navy blue, so it should go great with everything I wear. Maybe I should get a bedazzler and fancy it up a little. Or puff paint! That would be even better, dontcha think? Gah.

And as Meg reminded me last night, I'm out of Saturday's game, sidelined by my injury. There go my hopes of playing in the bowl game in a few weeks. Dang.

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