Friday, December 15, 2006

Missing Out

Here is a conversation between Karate Kid and I last night. For those of you who only have girls, this is one conversation you'll never have--at least I hope.

KK: (as I was walking out of his room from tucking him in) Mom, turn the light on a second and look at this.
Me: Is it snot?
KK: No.
Me: Is it a lugie?
KK: No.
Me: Is it ear wax?
KK: No.
Me: Is it anything out of your throat or mouth?
KK: No.
Me: Okay, I'll look (It wasn't until this point that I even turned on the light, fearing that I would be subjected to an unwanted surprise).

See what you're missing? I bet you all want to run right out and borrow the neighbor's son for a good heart-to-heart, don't you?

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